Before discovering Beauty by Thatfemale, I was going to a studio that used solely Xtreme lashes and products for 3-4 months. To maintain Xtreme lashes is Xtremely expensive. The brand is highly rated in the industry, but the products did not bond to my natural lashes or give me the look I desired. I tried several different glues and lash types with no success. I do not wear a lot of make up, so I want extensions to add to my aesthetic without being over the top. I had seen Catherine’s work online and was impressed by the quality of lashes she uses and her ability to build a natural yet very noticeable lash line. I have been going to her for months now, and I have been ecstatic over my lashes after each appointment. I typically book a fill every 2 weeks, and sometimes even sooner if I have an event (using Xtreme lashes). I went a touch more than 3 weeks before my last appointment with Catherine due to busy schedule, and I was actually in a little bit of disbelief at the adhesion and lashes that remained. My natural lashes are healthy and they are growing. My natural lash integrity is the most important consideration for me when seeking a lash artist, and Catherine shares the same view. The drive out to Germantown is absolutely worth it. Beauty by Thatfemale is building a brand, and I am happy to support everything it stands for.

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