I had my first ever full set of eyelash extensions in October 2016, and Catherine’s artistic expertise has made me a faithful follower ever since. She is a sweet and lovely professional, truly cares about her customer, and takes pride in her beauty work. The first day I returned to work after getting the lash extensions, several coworkers kept staring at my eyes and said that they looked so much larger and so beautiful, and yet they [coworkers] couldn’t quite placed what was so different about my eyes. That went to show just how NATURAL looking the lash extensions turned out in Catherine’s deft hands. More importantly, my real lashes continue to grow and stay healthy. I returned for a fill 2.5 weeks after the first visit. Since then, I have learned to take better care of my extensions (no face-down body massage and no more eye rubbing habit.) My latest wait between touch-ups is 4 weeks, and the lash line
still looks amazing. I am so addicted to lash extensions now, knowing that I have found a trustworthy beautician in Catherine. She is definitely time and money well spent!

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