• Tips on Taking Care of your New Lashes!

    Hi Dolls!

    How are you loving your new lash extensions? I can’t wait to see you all again soon for your lash fills!
    I’m writing this blog to explain how to take care of your new beautiful lashes.
    I have been getting my lash extensions for about 5 years now and I’ll be posting some tips that I personally do as well to keep them in tip-top shape!

    How to take care of your lashes:

    • Do not get your lashes wet for 24-48¬†hours after application
    • Avoid excessive amounts of extreme heat such as steam rooms and saunas
    • No direct water pressure on your lashes when in the shower
    • Avoid sleeping on your face
    • If you are a swimmer, it is advised to wear goggles
    • Try not to rubbing your eyes or pulling at your lashes
    • No manual eyelash curlers
    • Avoid any oil based products; including oil based makeup, around the eye area
    • If you would like to wear mascara please only use water based mascara NOT waterproof.
    • Touch-ups every 2-3 weeks would be a healthy choice to maintain your lashes